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What 401k company would you go with if you owned a company with 15 employess?
The reality is that small companies are going to pay more. I would suggest sitting down with an independent, small TPA and assessing your needs. Most of them will do so at no initial cost to you. If you are doing well as the business owner, you might find they can provide a plan that lets you fund your retirement account at a far greater amount than what you must put in for your employees, while still giving employees the opportunity to save. Time and again, I see small companies pick Paychex or ADP or Vanguard, because they are “easy”. They are easy because they are either so basic you get no planning or they aren’t checking to see if you have done your census reporting correctly. I just watched an employer choose ADP, because they bundled their administration fees into the payroll fees . What the employer refused to look at was the extra money ADP is earning from the fund lineup AND the fact that our proposal gave them over $50,000 additional contribution to the retirement plan FOR THEM ($20K + tax savings) because the CFO did not want to be bothered with uploading payroll every 2 weeks and providing a census at year end. They are actually paying more and getting FAR less, to save 20 hours of work by a low level employee over the course of a year. Don’t be deceived by “easy”. Right now, there are good open architecture plans like K-Trade, good trust platform plans like Nationwide and Transamerica that are pricing aggressively. This changes over time, which is why you need to shop for a new recordkeeper about once every 3 years after you have installed a plan. You may not need to change every three years, but shopping it keeps your current recordkeeper pricing aggressively. Ask to see ALL the fees you are paying. That should be a broker fee, and admin fee a recordkeeper fee and a fund fee. If someone lumps one or more of those together, ask to have them separated so you can do an apples to apples comparison.
After maxing out contributions to a Roth IRA and not having a company sponsored 401K, what are my other options for saving for my retirement?
A frequently overlooked option (mainly because it isn't always available) is to stash money in an HSA (Health Savings Account). The max contribution for a family is $6150 in 2022. the contribution is deductible, and the money can be withdrawn for any reason in retirement.The catch is that you have to have a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) to go along with it. More and more employers are offering these as a way to reduce costs. And if you're self-employed and buy your own insurance, you should definitely investigate a plan like this -- they're much cheaper than traditional health care plans. An HDHP makes health insurance work more like insurance and less like a "health plan" where someone else is paying for everything. Whatever expenses you have you will have to pay out of pocket until you hit your deductible -- but you can pay with funds from the HSA so they are tax-deductible without having to worry about the 7.5% medical expense floor.You get to keep money left over in your HSA at the end of the year. And there's no rule that you have to pay for medical expenses with HSA money. So if you have the cash flow, pay for those medical expenses with non-HSA money and let cash build up in the HSA. You'll be able to take on a higher deductible (lowering your HDHP premiums -- so you can stash more money away!), and if there's money in the account when you retire, you can basically treat it like an IRA.Most HSAs are just simple bank savings accounts, yielding relatively low interest. Shop around -- you can find institutions offering HSAs that work more like an IRA at a brokerage, allowing you to earn higher yields on your HSA balance when it gets higher than your deductible.
What are the best options for an orphaned Roth 401k?
Good QuestionsIf I were you, I would keep it at Fidelity by just rolling it  over into a Fidelity Roth IRA, it takes a just a few clicks to open a Roth IRA with them:  Fidelity is a great firm to have any type of retirement accounts; they are geared towards long-term investors:Once you open the  Roth IRA, it will take just about a day to  roll it from your Roth 401(k) to your Roth IRA.Next; take 70% of the money ($15,400)  and invest this in seven different very  large dividends paying companies: ( check on Yahoo Finance to see that these company cash dividend amount has been increasing over the past few years) Make  sure you buy shares of companies that offer products and services that millions of people MUST use every day; such as the companies you, your family, friends, businesses and the local and federal government send a check to each month, think of oil and gas company such, as my favorites BP, Chevron and Exxon, (millions of people put gas in their cars, truck, and vans  every 10 seconds), or very large company like Walmart, GE, Pfizer, Apple and Visa and MasterCard: ( go to my website to see a list of companies I like www.sherwinpbrown.com ) Once you buy shares of these company wait a few days and make sure you enrolled them in the dividends reinvestment program (DRIP). Again Fidelity makes this very easy for you to do, you have the option with two clicks all your stocks in this account is automatically enrolled in the DRIP fro as long as you wish.The great news is since this is a Roth  IRA, all these quarterly ( can be monthly too)  dividends will accumulate, and compound for you tax-free for the next 35 years.Keep the other 30%  in cash such as an FDIC insured money market account within The Roth IRA for when the overall stock market, have 30% or more correction ( Yes, it will happen) then you can look for great bargains on very good dividends paying stocks, as mentioned above that are selling at a 40% plus discounts:Good luck and in you need more information please get a copy of one powerful but easy-to-read personal finance books that are sold everywhere where e-books or paperbacks books are sold.  Or you can just simply click this link www.sherwinpbrown.com
What are commercial tools to automate/simplify investment banking activities such as pitchbook generation?
When you mentioned in your question pitchbook generation- I did not know what was it but once I visited- I became aware of what exactly that was. Now, you enquire about the commercial tools available to make easier and better the investing activities. However, if you are trying to make better desicions when it comes to investing then pitchbook will take you in the opposite direction since that is a system that uses biometrics , statistics and repositories which are still unproven methods to obtain an accurate prediction and it leads to many mistakes. One example of such system is the ADP provider company who is well known and it has expanded- many companies blindly entrusted ADP to manage the information and payroll of their employees or the company’s assets but if you see the reviews and complaints in official sites about ADP- ADP has made a thousand mistakes which has costs high amounts of money to be lost and that is because ADP is no different than pitchbook in terms of tools and strategies.It is highly unadvisable to leave investments to a predictable or automated system because an investment that was good last month can either be no good in the present, reach a stale state or it is improving and it is very difficult that such tools can detect the warning signs of an investment being or starting to be on the decline.One reliable tool is the Yahoo Financial Page from the United States where you can enter the name of any company in the world and that tool will give you the most updated quotation of that share or stocks along with recent threads and some insight how stable the source has been.Vanguard is an administrator investments company which can be extremely helpful because their services are charged at an affordable price that includes advice and anslides of a portfolio.Capital One is one of the best companies that does know what it is doing in the investments section and it offers a wide range of options - their services reach a golden moment when the customer's portfolio is handled and counseled by a one capital one associate- the issue there is that that type of service is pricey so the customer most likely ends up on their own.Then it is the system “personal capital” which I like because they customize the customer's specific situation and they add everything like credit cards, expenses, debts, income of the customer and then everything is taken into consideration to guide the customer and identify areas when it comes to the customer's investing choices.Now if you are looking at acquisitions, real estate investments or debt buying or investment in a loan company or put up a business of your own then those are topics that each of them requires details and the procedures and rules change for each each one of them.
What are some characteristics of TensorFlow, an AI built by Google? What companies are currently using it and in what products?
Tensor Flow is an open-source machine learning framework from Google. This is a basic purpose ML framework which encompasses a wide range of use cases. This is quite popular for developing and deploying ML models. Keras is a high-level Python API to create build and train Deep Learning models. This library is now part of Tensor Flow after Google’s acquisition. TensorFlow-lite is more suitable library for the mobile platform as it provides tools and frameworks for on-device inferences.Here is a list of companies using Tensor flowAppleADPJP Morgan ChasePepsicoTailwindVanguardInteresting Read- Top ML frameworks that companies use in developing web and mobile applications.
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