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How much can you contribute to both a Roth IRA and a SIMPLE IRA in the sametax year?
Mike and Wray are correct and offer some great information in their posts.Just to reiterate yes you may contribute the max to both a Roth and a SIMPLEassuming you fall below the MAGI limit. Also if you are married you might be able to open a spousal IRARoth for yourspouse if you are under the aforementioned MAGI limits. Thus even if yourspouse isnt working you can open a Roth or traditional IRA and make adeductible contribution to hisher account. Assuming you fall below thephaseout limits and your spouse qualifies you could contribute an additional5K deductible.
Are Simple IRA contributions subject to Medicare (United States) and SocialSecurity, collectively called FICA taxes?
Simple IRA contributions salary reduction from the employees payroll checkare subject to FICA taxes but they are not subject to federal or state incometaxes. Simple IRA contributions employers share are NOT subject to any FICAtaxes or withholding taxes.
I have $1000 in a simple IRA, should I begin investing it?
Absolutely And begin by spending 99 cents in the Kindle store or search theweb for the free PDF version ofIf You Can How Millennials Can Get Rich Slowlyby William J BernsteinThis is kindle offering which the good Dr Bernstein says he would makeavailable free if Amazon would allow it. A kindle is not required as freekindle readers are available for Windows iPads iPhones Android etc.There are a lot of additional reading assignments included in the book thatfor the most part are available through your local library although you mayfind you really want your own copy of some of them.Of primary interest is after that first 15 minute read you can create yourown investment account and invest your initial learnings all in the next 15minutes after the account is open.Somewhere in your next 1 to 3 days after finishing this book search out theonline information provided by Scott Burns. Google couch potato investingand do your own calculations regarding the results he presents.It truly is not about being a brain surgeon or a rocket scientist but aboutbeing determined to evaluate risk v reward the damage of excessive expensesand a firm hand on the wheel.Do not be a trader but rather an investor.Dont follow the hot hand.Reevaluate and rebalance regularly.BTW while savinginvesting for retirement is of primary concern do notforget to build that emergency fund. You need 6 months or more of expensesavailable in a liquid account for those times when you have nothing else tolive on. Hopefully that time wont happen but if it does youve got itcovered.
I want to rollover a SIMPLE IRA. Should I roll it over to a traditional IRA oranother SIMPLE IRA? What would the differences be?
A SIMPLE IRA is an acronym for Savings Incentive Match PLan for Employee. Itis an employersponsored retirement savings account. Unless you work foranother employer who sponsors a SIMPLE rolling it to another SIMPLE is not anoption so you would have to roll to an IRA or to a new employer’s qualifiedplan such as a 401k Plan. One very important thing to remember is while you“can” roll out of a SIMPLE IRA if you roll to anything other than anotherSIMPLE IRA before the account is at least 2 years old IRS will charge you a50 excise tax on the amount rolled. So be careful.
What is the best brokerage to open solo-401k and simple IRA accounts?
While Vanguard was the firstmover in the low cost space and were the leaderin lowexpense mutual funds they have since seen very strong challengersprimarily Schwab and Fidelity. Vanguard was not the biggest but they wereleader in the passive investing index mutual fund space. However when themovement they spawned grew substantially all the big players with broaderoperational capabilities got in on the action.Therefore from both a plan design perspective and investment perspective Iwould recommend Schwab or Fidelity.If you have opportunities to invest outside the stock market you shouldconsider self directed Solo 401k Checkbook Control 401K Plans 401KCheckbook or a selfdirected SEPIRA SEP IRAs 401K Checkbook. Using a selfdirected plan will ensure you get the best plan features and access to allinvestment types. With a selfdirected plan you could get access to Fidelityand Schwab and invest in real estate or private lending.Incidentally it would seem more likely that youre considering a Solo 401kand a SEPIRA as opposed to a SIMPLEIRA SIMPLEIRAs 401K Checkbook. ASolo 401k offers many benefits that are unavailable in a SEPIRA such as theability for the business owner to make salary contributions the ability toborrow from the plan Roth contributions and favorable taxation of realestate investments.
What timing is allowed for converting a Simple IRA to a Roth IRA?
Two thoughtsA. Reconsider converting to a Roth. For most people it just doesn’t makesense. Most people will have a lower tax rate in retirement because they willhave a lower income in retirement.B. If you insist on doing the Roth conversion then try to spread the tax billover two tax years. Take half in late December from the SIMPLE and put it inmoney market. Defer the other half of the distribution until you have ananswer to your tax question. You will have 59 days from the date of your December distribution to get an answer to your tax question. If the answer is favorable then deposit the December distribution into the Roth before 60 days have elapsed. Then distribute the other half of the SIMPLE directly to a ROTH. Half the tax bill will be due April 2022 and the other half will likely be due April 2022. If the answer to your tax question is not favorable then put the December distribution back in the SIMPLE or into a traditional IRA before 60 days have elapsed and there will be no tax or penalty.Important note you are only allowed to do this 60 Day maneuver once in any 12month period.I hope these ideas are useful but I am not an accountant and I do not knowyour particular situation. You would be well advised to get competentprofessional advice.
Why does the SIMPLE IRA two-year rule exist for rollovers?
If the two year rollover rule didnt exist for simple IRAs then someone couldroll to another vehicle take a distribution and avoid the 25 earlydistribution excess tax and only pay a 10 or maybe 0 excise tax in certaincircumstances.
What is the maximum total contribution to all IRA accounts, if you have both aRoth IRA and a SIMPLE IRA?
Correction Max is 16500 11500 SIMPLE 5000 Roth. My previous answerwas incorrect. Rules in Play The amount the employee contributes to a SIMPLE IRA cannot exceed 11500 for 2022 and 2022. If an employee participates in any other employer plan during the year and has elective salary reductions under those plans the total amount of the salary reduction contributions that an employee can make to all the plans he or she participates in is limited to 16500 for 2022 and 2022. The amount the employee contributes to a Roth IRA cannot exceed 5000 for 2022 and 2022. Source httpwww.irs.govretirementar... and httpwww.irs.govretirementpa... andhttpwww.irs.govpublications... and httpfairmark.comrothiracont...
For someone who is self-employed, are the various retirement plan (SEP,solo-401k, SIMPLE IRA) contribution limits mutually exclusive?
They are not cumulative. There is a good explanation at Oblivious Investor atSEP vs. SIMPLE vs. Solo 401k.
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